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The New Rules of Dating App Profiles in 2019 | Best Dating App Profiles

Let’s get real: The world of dating apps is fast-paced, variable, and wild – to say the least.

Whether you’re a seasoned dating app user, or new to the dating app universe, there are several things you need to be prepared for. These include receiving inappropriate messages, the possibility of being ghosted, and a stream of potentially fake profiles. And yes, believe it or not, swiping your way through the long list of potential suitors can be exhausting.

With all that said, dating apps can be a great way to get more dating experience under your belt. Not just experience, but you may find your significant other via the online dating app world. And, although it may be tiresome at times, it can be a lot of fun, too!

Did you know: Around 40% of couples in the U.S. met online in 2018. It is predicted to increase during the year of 2019. That is a major statistic, and speaks volumes regarding the potential of meeting “the one” over the internet.

However, you will never meet your person if you don’t know how to create an attractive dating app profile. In this article, we will discuss all of the things that you shouldn’t include in your online dating app profile in the year 2019. 

Here’s to dating apps!

What Shouldn’t be in your Dating App Profile in 2019

#1. A picture of you with a dog, especially if it isn’t yours

Here’s the thing – just about every dating app profile features at least one photo of the individual with a dog. While we all love googling over adorable puppies and furry friends, it’s weird to have a photo of yourself with a dog that is not yours. 

dating app profile pictures

If you don’t have access to said dog on a daily basis – and by that I mean if you are not able to offer access to said dog on a daily basis – don’t give potential candidates the wrong idea. After all, their dreams could be crushed when they find out said dog is not yours. Plus – it’s just weird.

#2. Including “Review Bios” in your Dating App profile

This should be common sense, don’t you think?

“Five stars!” – my mom. “Great in bed” – every girl. “An awesome and adventurous fellow!” – my best friend.

Come on. It was funny the first time. Now, it’s lame and those reviewing your profile will think so, too. Thank u, NEXT.

#3. Your Facebook and Instagram handles if your social media accounts are private

Why would you add links to your Instagram and/or Facebook accounts to your dating app profile, if said accounts are set to “private”? 

People who use dating apps want to stalk their potential suitors. This includes stalking any and all of their social media accounts. If you’re putting yourself out there, at least set your accounts to public so us nosey individuals can learn all about your life before we ask you out on a date. 

All that said, it’s okay to have private social media accounts. However, if you’re set on keeping your accounts private, do us all a favor and do not list those handles in your dating bio.

#4. A laundry list of what you are, or aren’t, looking for in a significant other

“I’m looking for someone fit”. “Only interested in 6 ft. or taller”. “Not interested in curvy girls”. “Blondes ONLY”.

dating app donts

Dating app bios like those listed above make you come across as shallow and arrogant. Not only that, but if a guy/girl who meets those credentials happens to stumble upon your profile, they aren’t going to swipe right. 

You know why? 

Because they’ll think you’re a conceited douchebag. Believe me.

#5. Mirror selfies – particularly shirtless or with little clothing on 

Ahh… let’s talk about the classic mirror selfie. The most sure-fire way to come off as arrogant or vain. Either way – not attractive in any capacity.

Doesn’t matter if you’ve got an 8-pack or the perfect bum. Posed mirror selfies showing off your body will always come across as, well, cocky. No thanks.

mirror selfie on dating app

Not to mention – when I see mirror selfies, my first thought is, “Don’t you have any other pictures of yourself?!”. To keep it safe, avoid selfies of any kind. Just ask a friend or roommate to snap a few pictures for your profile, they won’t mind.

#6. Overly edited photos and/or Snapchat filters

Nothing says “I don’t look like my profile photos in real life” quite like heavily filtered photos.

And don’t even get me started on Snapchat filters. The dog nose and ears?! Covers your entire face. We can’t see you. Who are you? What do you really look like?

snapchat filters dating apps

The best dating app profiles include un-edited, recent photographs. Preferably doing things you enjoy or are passionate about. You want to reflect the real you – and chances are, you don’t really have dog ears growing out of your head.



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