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How To Text Girls And See Results

Guys, if you’ve ever texted a girl that you liked but didn’t take the time to think of anything creative to say, you may be missing a huge opportunity.  Most guys write the same boring stuff and expect it to become a bridge to getting closer to the girl.  In most cases, they’re wrong.  A well crafted set of texts can do a lot for your chances, but you have to have an idea of what direction to go, so we’ve put together some examples that should help.  ”Hey, Sup?” will hopefully be out of your texting arsenal after this.

The first thing you should know is that boring texts that may be nerve-racking and exciting for you, won’t get you very far unless the girl is already wanting to go out with you.  If that’s the case I doubt you’re reading this article. The second thing you really need to keep in mind is that soon after you start texting, you need to be moving toward a physical meeting of some kind so don’t plan to spend the next week texting it up hoping that quantity will outperform quality. It won’t.

Funny and memorable is your goal.  It might seem difficult, especially if you aren’t used to being forward with girls, but if you don’t want to get left in the friend zone it must be done.

Instead of saying, “Good Morning, How’s it going?”

You might say, “Woke up and it turns out I’m doing 8-12% more amazing this morning :) .  How’s your morning?”

Her reply: “LOL, it’s great! Have you been up to anything except basketball?”

Your reply the next day:  ”Just doing laundry, I got a homeless guy to fold my clothes for a french fry.  Some red panties got in there… now everything is a shade of pink.”

Her reply: “haha, doing laundry? I didn’t think most guys did their own laundry”

Your reply: “I’ve always done my own laundry, but something about you tells me you could probably improve my washing strategy.  Maybe you could come check out my laundry skills and we can exchange notes…”

This is just a short example, but it gives you an idea of what your thought process should be while texting.  Always be aiming the conversion towards setting up a time to meet.  You can plan it out and text a few times to set it up, but those are the texts you can use to show your humor and captivate her.

This is a huge topic with a ton of strategies to look into, so we plan to delve deeper into the texting world in upcoming articles.


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