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Text Message Games – What To Say & When

In a recent article I covered how to text a girl and why it’s important to be amusing and memorable.

I know it can be tough to come up with a bunch of entertaining texts by yourself so I set out to create a resource that should provide a great base to build from. What I ended up with is an extensive list of field tested lines from respected users around the PUA industry.

Keep in mind that this is only a starting point. These lines can be used as-is, but personalization is important so make sure you capitalize if something happened between you and the girl, or there’s a current event you can work into the text to make it more relevant.

This list may change as I test and find more. I apologize if any of these are hard to understand, I’ve modified most of them to reflect the successes of my own personal tests and experiments.

Soft Openers:

Just made you check your phone for no reason…I guess I’ve got you in check =)

Girls are gross…

Made you look..

Are you smiling? If not, just think of me!

Hey (girls name), I bet my weekend can beat your weekend

I think I just met your twin… (great for getting a quick response)

(after she asks why)
I was thinking about you, Congratulations!

Who is this?
(she responds with her name)
I know.. I’m just being an ass

*Send a blank text, usually using a space*
(she responds by asking why you sent the blank text)
babe, you don’t have to make up excuses to text me! That must be humiliating. (second part is optional)

Your (whatever feature you choose) is the second most desirable thing you have going for you
(girl: whats the first?)
I won’t tell unless you come to (choose some sort of meeting)
(girl: ok I will, now what is it?)
ME! =)

You want to be on TV with me tomorrow?
(girl: what for?)
I’ll be on the news
(girl: doing what?)
Planning a bank robbery and I need someone to hold the bag while I fill it. You down?

(girl will probably ask you what you’re talking about. If she does say Polo, you can respond with, “Fish out of water!”)
You were supposed to say Polo!
(girl should respond with an lol or something now that she realizes it)
I’m sorry, you’ve failed my “fun girl test”
(girl may say sorry or ask for another chance, either is a good chance to ask for a meetup)

Hard Openers:

I’m trying to lure good looking girls to my house with candy, do you prefer starburst or skittles?

(todays date) is National Attractive Day! Forward this to someone attractive, but please not me, I’ve been getting this text all damn day!

(Girls name), do you remember when we met? Our bodies were touching and… I’m not sure how but… I’m pregnant.

I really wish you were here with me, lights off, in my bed, under the sheets together. I got a sweet glow in the dark watch I want to show you =)

Push – Pull Technique:

I know a lot of (girls full name)’s…. but I’m pretty sure your my favorite.

You just popped into my head, so HI!… now please get out of there so I can get some work done.

You up for hitting the hot tub tonight!?
(a few minutes later) aw crap, I hit the wrong person in my phonebook. sorry (girls name)


I hope you made it home safe (girls name).

I have been thinking of you….

Every time I think of you it makes me smile. =)


What do you think about going to Vegas, getting married, arguing about our kids names, getting divorced, and then growing old alone and depressed?

I really don’t think we should do this anymore. I feel like sometimes you just treat me like a piece of meat.

(use this after you get a positive text) You are so sweet. I think your giving me diabetes.

Right after getting her number:

Who was that hot guy you were just talking to?

So now that you have my number, I have to tell you that your only allowed to call me ONCE a day.

I would hate to be you right now.
(girl asks why)
It must suck to miss me already. Don’t worry, we’ll see each other again soon.


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