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Picking Up Girls With Street Openers (Part 1)

A “street opener” is just like it sounds, a strategy of approaching a girl that looks attractive to you and delivering an opening line. Don’t be discouraged if this seems impossible to you right now, this is an area where many guys struggle, or worse, never attempt.

It’s much easier to approach a girl in a dark club because if you get rejected, you can slip away into the darkness, almost undetected, and without too much egg on your face. On a street corner, the safety nets disappear. It’s usually broad daylight, various pedestrians walking by, and it’s an area where girls don’t expect to be openly approached as they might at a club.

So why would you want to risk the embarrassment?

Reason #1: The quality of the meeting is a lot higher. If you get a number and meet her out later, you’re way ahead of the game since she already knows you outside of the club. Since your chances of success are higher, you waste less time milling around at the club, buying drinks for girls, etc.

Reason #2: IF you’re looking for a relationship, this is obviously a better route to take. If you do find yourself looking for a relationship rather than a random hookup, do yourself a favor and give it a shot.

Reason #3: Street openers may be the single best way to get over approach anxiety. Once you overcome your fear and become accustomed to approaching girls on the street, talking to girls in a bar or a club will seem easy. You may have to literally force yourself to do it, but if you truly want to accelerate your game you won’t find a better way to do it. Once you get your first number, the fear will start to subside and you’ll wonder what you were so worried about.

Street Opening #1:

The first street opening we’ll talk about is one of my favorites for the street as well as almost any other situation. If you walk around and look at peoples faces, you’ll notice that almost no one is walking with a smile on their face, and many times people are wearing a full on frown. This is a great opportunity for you to step in with a low risk opening.

Try something like, “Smile, it’s a beautiful day” or if it’s not a nice day out, “Why the frown? Life’s not so bad.” Most girls will then realize they had a miserable look on their face and at least give you a smile. The line also paints you as a positive person who can brighten up her day which is a powerful tool.

Many times the girl will actually feel compelled to tell you why she was looking down, or at least agree with you that she had a scowl on her face. This is a great starting point to strike up a conversation, and ask if they’d like to go out for a drink later. If you want to make it seem more public and less like asking for a date, just explain that you’re going to a party later and ask her if she’d like to go. In either case, the chances of getting her number is high, and whether you have a party to go to or not, the important thing is that you have a phone number to work with.

This line can work just as good in other situations, including inside a club when you see a disengaged girl looking less than pleased. Just make sure you’re prepared for the occasional serious response. “There was a death in the family,” or “My Mother’s been ill.” If you aren’t prepared, these things can really throw you, but just remember to be courteous and try to buy the girl a drink or another suitable offering. Comforting her isn’t only the right thing to do, but it’s not a bad opener either.

Street Opening #2:

The situational opener is usually the best, and even though it seems more difficult because you have to improv a little, it gets easier with a little planning.

So lets say you see an attractive girl somewhere and you’d like to go talk to her. The first thing to do is to look her over and see if she has anything that really pops out. Maybe she’s wearing some amazing shoes that you could compliment, or maybe she is wearing a handbag that she’s obviously proud of. Take that, and simply compliment her on it to see where it goes. If she gives you the silent treatment you can always back off, but if she responds you can always ask her on an insta-date for a cup of coffee or ask what she’s doing later. Most women who have something flashy on, put it on to get noticed and she’ll appreciate it when you do.

If you don’t notice anything, try something like “I don’t know why, but I just had to come tell you how stunningly beautiful you are.” Awkward? Yes. But wait out the short silence and if she smiles say “Wow, making you smile just made my day.” If you’ve never tried anything like this before it seems like it’s too blatantly forward and obvious to work, but it does. It may get shot down at a higher rate than some other lines, but the rewards can also be a lot greater.

Street openers are an important tool for any guy seriously interested in picking up girls, but the twists and turns are too great to cover in one article so I plan to write a few more parts to the “Street Opener” series. If you’d like to learn more right now, check out this video.


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