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Romantic Date Ideas | List of Unique Date Ideas for Any Relationship

Romantic Date Ideas | List of Unique Date Ideas for Any Relationship

It doesn’t matter if you’re going on a first date, or the 100th date with the same partner, we are always looking for fun and unique date night ideas.

Creative date ideas can be hard to come by. And, let’s be honest, a date night movie or “Netflix and Chill” don’t really cut it. Romantic date nights create lasting memories and increase chemistry between couples. It doesn’t have to be your anniversary in order to plan a romantic night for you and your date. In addition, many people have the misconception that romantic dates are always expensive. 

In this article, we will list some of the best romantic date ideas for cheap, that couples on all relationship levels can enjoy.


List of Romantic Date Ideas

1. Create a night full of laughter

Reminisce on your childhood by playing a game of MadLibs, which is now also available in an “adult” version. Watch a favorite comedy, discuss childhood adventures, and make new memories to laugh-back-on in the future.

2. Participate in a “Fixer Upper” room re-do

So, you may not be doing a full-on renovation, but spending time picking out a new paint color for your bedroom, or wallpaper for a feature wall, and apply your artistic skills together. This can be especially fun with up-beat music or sharing life goals and ambitions with each other. 

3. Have you ever been to your local Farmers’ Market?

One of the most fun and romantic date nights I’ve ever had, was when my significant other and I attended our local Farmers’ Market. We spent the mid-morning to afternoon sampling local honey, iced teas and homemade doughnuts. Then, to top the day off, we bought fresh, locally grown ingredients for dinner that night.

4. Go to a Jazz Club or Local Band night

Jazz clubs are a lot of fun! You get to dress up in fancier-than-average attire, and spend the night swinging with your date. If you aren’t into Jazz music, try looking up a local band concert in your area. This unique date idea also provides the opportunity to discover some new favorite bands!

5. Make Scavenger Hunts for each other

This date idea is great for new couples, or couples with history behind them. Go around your city and drop clues off for your date to find. Bonus: Leave clues where you two have made memories prior to the scavenger hunt.

6. Picnic with a View

A large quilt, some wine and cheese, and a beautiful sunset view? Talk about romantic! Scout out some local view spots, pack up a yummy snack and drinks, and enjoy the sunset together. This is a classic that can’t go wrong.

7. Take dance classes together

Before my significant other and I got married, we decided to invest in some dance classes for our “first dance” at the wedding. At first we were hesitant, as dancing wasn’t really our thing… But in the end we were so happy we signed up! In fact, we enjoyed our dance class date nights so much, we continue to take them to this very day! (years since our wedding).

8. Attend a Fair

This one is one of my favorites! Look up local street fairs, rodeos, or carnivals and surprise your date with a night full of fun and delicious food!

9. Play “Photographers” for a day

Whether you own a fancy DSLR camera, or simply an iPhone, plan to visit your nearby canyon, beach, or flower fields and play photographers for a day. This is a great unique date idea because it allows you and your partner to open up regarding what you love about each other, and capture the moments on camera.

10. Boat Ride 

It doesn’t matter if you rent a row-boat or burn a bit more cash by going on a dinner cruise, boat rides are incredibly romantic.

11. Ice Skating or Roller Skating

Of course, it depends entirely whether it’s winter or summer, or if your town has an indoor ice skating or roller skating rink. However, both of these activities make for a super fun date night!

12. Go on a Thrift Store SHOPPING SPREE

Believe it or not… this unique date idea can be made into a romantic evening with your significant other. Make a list of some of the top rated thrift stores in your city, take out an equal amount of cash for each person (you and your date), and visit the shops! Tip: Pick out an outfit for each other to wear out to a dinner date night. 

13. Make your own DIY Waterpark

If you live in a hot climate area, this is an especially good date idea. Use your backyard or go to a park, turn on the sprinklers and bring out the water guns! You can also go to the store and purchase large ice blocks, take them to your local park, and slide down the hills! Or, take your water guns to a lake and play there. Bonus: Take some floaties to a lake and soak up the sun!

14. Take a “Stay-cation”

Let’s be honest, everyone wants to get away every once in a while. Going on a “staycation” involves getting away while still staying nearby. This is a great option for couples who don’t want to go on a full-on vacation, but want some get-away time. Plan to stay at a hotel in the middle of the city, or a camp-out up the canyon. 

15. Go on a Brewery Tour

Many cities have a brewery or winery nearby. Going on a brewery date (or winery date) can be totally romantic, and makes for an interesting date night. 



It’s important to keep the fire ignited in relationships of every stage. 

A great way to do so, is by going on fun romantic date nights. As time goes on, some relationships become “comfortable”, and romantic nights out seem less important, and can get placed on the back-burner. However, to have and maintain a happy, healthy relationship, both parties should make the effort to go out and continue making memories together. Use the list we composed above for some unique and romantic date ideas.

Date on!




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